Muddery is an online text game (like MUD) system in Python. It is an open-source software licensed under 3-clause BSD license. Muddery uses Evennia which is an MUD/MU* creation system as its core.

Muddery's source code is on

Muddery is currently maintained by Lu Yijun. If you have any problems or suggestions, please feel free to join the Muddery Community Forum.


Muddery provides an online game platform which can create and manage your games easily.
  1. It is written in Python, so it can run on multiple platforms. Users can install it in just several minutes.
  2. Muddery provides an online game editor, users can create and edit their games through web.
  3. It includes some useful systems for dialogues, quests, events, maps, etc. Designers who know little about programing can use it to build game worlds too.
  4. It has a webclient and uses JSON to transmit data between servers and clients. It does not support Telnet or other MUD clients any more, but users can build custom html5 client or native apps for it which can make the client more beautiful.

Getting Started

If you are interested in Muddery and want to build your own game with it, you can see Getting Started. It will teach you how to install Muddery and create your own game.


Here is Muddery's documentation.